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Tothewoods.net is a collection of my thoughts on hammock camping, lightweight backpacking, DIY gear, and trip reports (and now there's an RV section). I started it because I was doing so much research on how to stay warm and comfortable in a hammock, and at that point (approx. 2002) there weren't many places with this kind of info. I knew I wasn't the only one with these questions, so I started cataloging my research and projects to make it easier on others doing the same research. People started emailing with their own ideas to discuss, and then ATTroll and I started HammockForums.net as an offshoot of Whiteblaze.net, and all the ideas started feeding off of each other and turning into LOTS of new and innovative projects.

We eventually reached a tipping point, and today Hammock Forums has become the go-to place for advanced info on camping hammocks. I'm no longer active on Hammock Forms, but I still run ToTheWoods.Net as a place for newbies to learn the basics of hammock camping, and as a catalog of my projects, trip reports and thoughts. In a few articles, I summarize some key aspects of hammock camping just to keep the info organized in one place so it's easier to digest, without having to sort through all the threads on all the forums that discuss the details of hammocking.

Have You Seen My RV Pages?
Here at ToTheWoods.Net, we're also fans of Recreational Vehicles (RVs) like the Jayco Greyhawk motorhome we used to own, and the FourWheelCamper pop-up that I plan to put in the back of my Ram 2500 so we can get farther into the backcountry. RVs can be great base camps for a series of 2-3 day backpacking trips.

On my RV pages, I detail some mods I made for better performance and comfort. Check it out if you're so inclined! I'll be updating it when we finally get the FourWheelCamper. Click here to visit ToTheWoods.Net's RV Page!

16 January 2019: Site Updates

Made a few updates to the site formatting to make it more friendly to mobile devices.

Also, I added Google and Amazon ads to the site. It was a tough decision, but I've been paying out of pocket for many years and it gets expensive...several thousand dollars now. I'd ask you politely, if you find this webpage useful, please consider turning off your ad blocker (or whitelisting the site) so you can see the ads. Every little bit helps!

Thank you kindly, and I hope to see you on the trail!

12 August 2013: All Six Mods Resign from HammockForums.net

Dear HammockForums.net members,

In October 2006, we started Hammock Forums to create the internet's most useful repository of hammock information on the internet, and to provide a peaceful sanctuary for hammock enthusiasts to discuss our shared interest. Through careful selection of moderators and by paying special attention to creativity, originality and respectful discourse, Hammock Forums grew into a unique community that many members proudly say is the best forum on the internet.

Integrity has always been the foundation of our operations here, and has undergirded that creativity and respectful discourse. This applies to members ensuring they give credit when using others' ideas, vendors (until recently) carefully ensuring they don't steal other vendors' ideas or profit directly from members' ideas without giving credit, and the moderator staff being as transparent as possible in the site's operations.

One key aspect of the site's operations that deserves special scrutiny is the donation procedures. The mod staff historically has proudly proclaimed that we moderate Hammock Forums on a strictly volunteer basis, and that all donations go solely towards site operations or improvement. We do not personally profit from your donations. However, you may notice that we have not been saying this recently.

This is because several months ago, the site's owner withdrew access to HF's financial accounts from all six moderators. Frankly, we have no idea what is happening to thousands of dollars of your donation monies. We have directly asked why the access was removed, and given an ultimatum that without access - not even spending authority, but only access to view - we can no longer moderate this website with the integrity we require. We offered several opportunities to remedy this situation but were rebuffed each time.

Therefore, it is with heavy hearts that all six of HF's moderators - Just Jeff, angrysparrow, NCPatrick, Cannibal, headchange4u, and John Sawyer - are resigning as Hammock Forums' moderators. We stand in agreement that if we cannot keep our word to the members, we will no longer represent their website. Furthermore, if the owner will not keep his word to us, we will not continue enabling him to profit from our efforts and from your donations. For us, integrity is more important than participation in any website.

We're sure Hammock Forums will continue without us and we wish you all the best in the future.

Jeff, Sam, Patrick, Grant, Jason and John

Green Handy Hammock Stand

8 January 2013: First setup experience with the Green Handy Hammock stand.

6 January 2013: Handy Hammock Test. Haven't posted for a while, but Handy Hammock sent me some gear to test! Here's my Initial Review of the Green Handy Hammock stand.

3 August 2010:Added a tutorial on how to mod a Hennessy Explorer to use cinch buckles.

1 August 2010: Finally got around to posting my weeklong trip thru the Smokies National Park (GSMNP). 3-9 June, 7 days and almost 100 miles. One of my favorite trips yet!

16 May 2010: Posted the Trip Report for the Colorado Spring Hang (8-9 May) at the Shafthouse, Goose Creek Trail, Lost Wilderness, CO. It ended up only being three of us but it was still a great trip to a beautiful area!

25 Apr 2010: Added the little Bushbuddy Stuffsack I made, since BPL sent it with a mesh one that wouldn't protect my pack from soot.

21 Apr 2010: Added the Hanging Food Bag that has a squared bottom with webbing on it, so I can hang it upside down and it'll have less chance of my food getting wet when it rains.

11 Apr 2010: Added the vendor list with logos to the bottom of the Hammock Camping front page.

10 Apr 2010: Added the Nov 07 trip to Congaree National Park in South Carolina. I hung two hammocks from the same suspension and both were inside the same Hammock Sock. Worked out well, at least with an 8 y/o! And we got some pics of several tracks that were on the sandy beach next to our campsite. (Link)

9 Apr 2010: Added a trip I did in July last year to Springer Mtn, GA. I used the WBBB, a 9 oz UQ that's 61" long, and the Murmur pack for an 8.2 oz base weight. (Link)

8 Apr 2010: I'm tweaking a few things on the page...trying to update the format, taking out the broken links, etc. Not a lot of content updates yet, just fixing a few things that have been bugging me for a while.

4 Apr 2010: Added the Edison Hammock...a failed attempt at a shaped footbox.

5 Mar 2010: Added the Colorado Winter Hang page. Twelve of us at Burning Bear Campground at just below 0F.

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