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"Going to the woods is going home, for I suppose
we came from the woods originally."

- John Muir

Kid's Hammock

Here's the kid-sized hammock being proudly displayed.

The fabric measures 75"x42", and it weighs less than 5 oz including lightweight supports.

At the Little Sur River Camp, Los Padres National Forest, CA
The Kids Hammock doubles as a gear hammock when I go by myself. I don't use tree huggers since it doesn't really support any weight.

Here's how I used it at the Hot Springs Campground in April 2005. My gear is in easy reach, off the ground and out of the rain. In this picture, I'm sleeping enclosed in the HammockSock.

Here's a view without the tarp so you can see the dimensions better.

It's also great as a quick, dry seat during snack breaks if you use stronger support lines.

Kid's Quilts
I made the kid-sized quilts because I couldn't find any quality sleeping bags for kids that didn't weigh 3+ lbs. Each quilt is made from 1.9 oz DWR from thru-hiker.com. I put drawstrings at both ends, using 550-cord and small cord-locks.

If it gets really cold, I can rig them both as underquilts and let the kids use another bag inside the hammock.

I can also use this quilt between my JRB and full-sized hammock as additional insulation for my torso.

Underquilt Top Quilt
Size: 61"x36" 61"x36"
Insulation: 1.3" Primaloft 0.8" Primaloft
Weight: 13 oz 9oz

Detail of foot with drawstring closed.
Kids quilt used on the ground.
Here's the corner of the kids quilt. This one has .75" nylon webbing to attach the quilt to the hammock.

I didn't put the webbing on the second quilt because I figured out that I can just tie a slipknot in the drawstring and slip the connector through there.
Here's the kid-sized hammock with the kid-sized underquilt and top quilt. The hammock is red, and the quilts are OD Green on one side and silver on the other. I can put it on the green side for LNT, or the silver side to be a bit warmer (lower emissivity, blah blah).
Here's the green hammock (that used to be the WarmHammock) with the kids underquilt and homemade skins.
Also functions as an insulated Superhero cape, much to the joy of my 5 year old.

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