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"Going to the woods is going home, for I suppose
we came from the woods originally."

- John Muir

My Homemade Gear Projects

  • All-in-One, which serves as a 3.5 oz pack cover, gear hammock, hanging food bag, waterbag, tarp, groundcloth, sleeping bag foot cover, cover for the end of a hammock to protect from the spray that comes under the tarp, etc. It's so versatile that I think it's definitely earned a place in my pack.

  • Hammocks
  • Hammock Accessories
  • Other Gear:
    • Bushbuddy Stuffsack since they sent a mesh one that wouldn't protect my pack from soot.
    • Food Bag with a strap on the bottom for hanging it as a bear bag.
    • Gravity Filter made from an 8L Walmart Dry Bag and a Katadyn Hiker Pro filter.
    • Backpack...basically a copy of the GoLite Breeze. Weighs 6 oz and uses a removable sit pad as the frame.
    • My Super Ultralight Spoon weighs about ONE GRAM...doesn't even register on my digital scale!
    • Alcohol Stove kitchen set that weighs 2 oz including stove, Foster's pot, pot stand, ground cover, wind screen and lid. I just need fuel, fuel bottle and cozy for freezer bag cooking.
    • Nesquik Windscreen functions as a windscreen, ground cover and very stable pot stand.
    • Fuel Bottles for denatured alcohol weigh about 3/4 oz for a capacity of 12 fl oz or 4 fl oz.
    • Hand Loops from HH Tree Huggers give me a convenient way to hold my hands up while hiking so they don't swell.
    • Jardine-style Headnet that I can use while hiking or laying in my hammock.
    • The Half-Bag / Insulated Pants are a prototype I made to see if insulated pants would be convertible to a half-bag or elephant's foot for sleeping.
    • Water Bag, 1+ gallon capacity, less than 0.5 oz.
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